Floating Colours, 2018

The Dubai Mall, Dubai, UAE

Floating Colours is an extensive ribbon-like sculpture that seemingly floats in the atrium of Dubai Mall and spans the hight of its three storeys. It is inspired by the flag of the United Arab Emirates and was created for Flag Day 2018. Together, the band’s two sides show the colours of the Emirates’ flag. While one side is completely red, the other side is green, white and black.

The sculpture reminds of a long ribbon undulated by the wind. Its three-dimensional sweeps and colourful appearance create an impression of lightness and joy and makes it a strong symbol of identity.
The sculpture expands in the atrium’s void. The strong physical presence of the temporary art object brings to attention the physicality of this space and charges it with meaning.

Floating Colours was designed computationally. With its length of 180 metres and complex shape, a challenge lied in the sculpture’s unobtrusive suspension. The sculpture was assembled of 22 aluminium pieces covered by fabric.

Images © The Dubai Mall (except image 4)