Anamorphic Logos, 2011

Deutsche Bank headquarters, Frankfort on the Main, Germany

In the redesigned Deutsche Bank headquarters in Frankfort on the Main, the BrandSpace is providing insight into the bank’s history, present, business areas and its brand philosophy. The Deutsche Bank Logo by Anton Stankowski serves as starting point for the spatial design and is now translated into three-dimensional narrative space.

To avoid permanent spatial logos that dominate and frame the space with simple three-dimensional extrusion, the logo was translated through anamorphosis: The shape is transformed into an abstract architectural structure that is legible only from one vantage point. These logo sculptures integrate three media installations that offer different approaches to the brand for the visitor.

In the first installation, visitors can navigate through information on the bank’s history and current affairs on a touch-sensitive surface. When visitors enter the second installation they are detected by a 3D camera tracking system and their silhouettes are imaged in the projection on the wall. With their movements they trigger the display of statistical facts about Deutsche Bank.

The third installation takes a purely associative and aesthetic approach to translate the brand values of passion and precision into space. The logo becomes a kinetic sculpture with its central, diagonal part sliced up into 48 triangles. The triangles move in a complex choreography of flowing 3D structures that appear to hover in the air. In addition the surface of the triangles is animated by a layer of projected video textures in some sequences.

The BrandSpace is a joint project of ART+COM and Coordination, Berlin.

Images and videos © ART+COM Studios and their partners. Publication permitted only after consulting with us.