Center of Migratory Birds, 2017

Skagen Grey Lighthouse, Denmark

The new-media-heavy, permanent exhibition at the “Center of Migratory Birds” illustrates and communicates the complex and global phenomenon of bird migration to a wide public.

The particular challenge in designing the exhibition was to give visitors access to an enormous amount of scientific real-time data and knowledge and to integrate the exhibition into the historic buildings of the Grey Lighthouse. Since May 2017, the lighthouse as well as its adjacent edifices hosts an international bird migration research center, where scientists research the passage of birds, particularly between continental Europe and Scandinavia.

The exhibition seamlessly integrates into the historic architecture. Visitors learn about the various aspects of bird migration in a sequence of thematically and atmospherically dense rooms. A fleet of clustered monitors on the walls either show a 360° panorama or give visitors access to interactive content. Thus visitors can explore animations, data visualisations, texts and films according to their personal interests. Each room is enlivened by a specific bird sound, which intensifies the ambience and assists the visitor during the navigation process throughout the exhibition.

In addition, visitors can follow one bird species through the entire exhibition. Upon entering the facilities, a visitor can choose a bird from a list of ten species, receiving a wristband with a QR code in return. Scanning the code at a reader located at a media station provides the visitor with information about his or her species of interest. Specific insights into its flight paths, flying techniques or type of navigation are revealed.

The tour through the exhibition is completed in the news room, where a media wall displays the latest findings in science and observations of birdwatchers. The entire exhibition has been designed in a way that enables content, such as new scientific results, to be updated effortlessly.