Dancing Particles, 2017

Silks Club, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan

168 metal spheres move in synchronicity above a water basin situated at the entrance hall of the Silks Club. Like a mirror, the waveless surface of the water reflects the spheres when forming moving shapes in an elaborate 50-minute choreography. Whenever the spheres touch the water, circular ripples distort the reflection, adding a natural effect to the minimalist yet technologically complex design, and casting caustic reflections to the ceiling.

The kinetic sculpture conjures the beauty of computational and mechanic precision and the impression of nature. Reminiscing the history of the city—its rise from a small fishing village to today’s international post-industrial trade centre—the artwork invites contemplation through the ever transforming choreography.

The choreography consists of two parts. In the first part, the spheres move constantly, thus creating a flow of merging forms. In the second part, the spheres move at intervals and ‘freeze’ to three-dimensional stills.

The mechanical engineering and construction is by Huttinger.

See the official making-of and documentation videos of Dancing Particles. Images © YUIMOM Group, ALIEN Art