documenta mobil, 2005

ART+COM was commissioned by the city of Kassel to present the documenta exhibitions in mobile form through digital media.

The largest art exhibition in the world went on tour in a 15 meters long truck as part of Kassel’s application to become the Cultural Capital of Europe in 2010 and to celebrate its 50th anniversary. Inside the truck in front of the original posters from the previous eleven documenta exhibitions was an 11 meters long interactive table installation.

A touch-sensitive projection surface on the tabletop makes the exploration direct, informative and playful. The content is divided into five themes: “Curatorial Concept”, “Artistic Positions”, “Reactions”, “Zeitgeist” and “Statistics”.

A particular highlight is the moment when the installation changes from independent and interactive learning to a more linear mode. Then visitors become spectators and are taken on an audio tour of the city of Kassel. Panoramic images focusing on Kassel’s cultural landmarks also appear in the background. The original documenta catalogues are additionally presented in glass display cabinets with interactive surfaces.

The documenta toured around the German cities of Berlin, Leipzig, Munich, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Wiesbaden, Bonn, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Hanover and Kassel from March 15th to April 14th 2005. Since September 2006, the installation has found a permanent home in the documenta archive in Kassel.

The project was initiated by Prof. Klaus Siebenhaar and realized in cooperation with Art Department Babelsberg.