Flocking Lights Over Epic Waters, 2022

SpareBank, Stavanger, Norway

Flocking Lights Over Epic Waters (FLOEW) is a kinetic light installation at the new headquarters of SpareBank in Norway. Featuring twenty illuminated see-saws that are in constant motion, it poetically interprets the natural world around Stavanger. Inspired by the unique location on a peninsula, by the sea and by marine fauna, the fittings move and light up in a range of choreographies. While a flock of birds seems to occasionally fly by, a smooth flow of light then recalls rays of sunshine hitting the sea. One light animation even evokes raindrops from time to time.

If you call up an augmented reality app, a virtual water surface moving beneath the installation will be revealed. Norwegian poems describing the sea appear on this enhancement. The virtual water moves in rough swells, small waves or very calmly depending on the temperament of the actual sea off the coastal town. The work draws on live weather data piped in from the bay to animate the virtual surface in real time.

Client: Finansparken Bjergsted AS
Concept and AR software development: ART+COM Studios
Design, production and installation: MKT AG / MKTe