Grouse Experience, 2002

Glenturret Distillery, Crieff, Scotland

The Famous Grouse Experience interactive environment completes the Glenturret distillery museum tour, offering the visitors a playful way of dealing with the culture of whisky in Scotland. In this interactive environment, visitors are able to interact with the content projected on the floor in real-time, instructed by a video projected on the front wall. Four short chapters that build upon each other were designed for this space.

First, when the visitors are entering the space, they are welcomed by an animated grouse – the heraldic animal of the distillery. Then the space is flooded by projected water on the floor, which reacts to the footsteps, and introduces the interactive floor. The second and third scenes are game-like interactions with the environment, and the last sequence portrays a narrated flight over historical sites of Scotland, finally returning back to the distillery.