History Exhibition, 2022

Qatar Foundation, Doha

Since its establishment in 1995, Qatar Foundation (QF) has been running and funding centres and initiatives dedicated to education, research, innovation and community development. Education City provides a central location for all those initiatives on the outskirts of Doha, and has grown into a campus covering over 12 km². Some of the world’s leading educational institutions have set up branches there alongside a home-grown university, research facilities, schools and community centres.

Qatar Foundation holds receptions for international guests on the eighth floor of its headquarters. The “History Exhibition” – an exclusive presentation about the history of the non-profit organisation – can be found on the same storey. QF collaborated with ART+COM for the creative concept and its implementation.

The highlight of the exhibition is an overview of key milestones in QF’s story. By moving iPads along a timeline on the wall, you can find out about specific moments in its history – all assigned to the categories of research, education and community. Tracked to the exact millimetre, the tablets reveal media content for each milestone as you position them.

Further items in the History Exhibition showing, for example, the cultural roots of the foundation or the development of Education City, also use multimedia to enhance the physical objects on display.