Home and Exile, 2006

Jewish Museum Berlin, Germany

The exhibition “Home and Exile. Jewish Emigration from Germany since 1933” focused on the forced exodus of German Jews. ART+COM created an interactive installation that told stories about persecution and preparing for flight, about journeys to an uncertain future and, above all, about beginning anew in a foreign world.

The installation featured a world map from 1939. 80 flags marked those countries of destination, to which German Jews primarily emigrated. The static map was superimposed by dynamic information — by the simple turn of one of the three knobs, users could choose a country and retrieve information about the selected place of emigration and destinies connected to them. The installation provided personal stories about people’s journeys and struggles, and illustrated the cultural and societal consequences of the exodus of German Jews for Germany, Europe and the whole world.

The exhibition travelled to the Haus der Geschichte in Bonn and to the Zeitgeschichtliches Forum in Leipzig, Germany.