Level Green, 2009-2018

Autostadt, Wolfsburg, Germany

Sustainability — though ubiquitous in discussions of economy, ecology and society — remains an elusive, abstract term. ART+COM translated the topic, without a wagging finger, into an exhibition by breaking down the complex concepts of sustainability and transferring them into tangible experiences.

At the Autostadt, Volkswagen’s theme park and communications platform in Wolfsburg, visitors can learn about the consequences of climate change, the importance of sustainability for the economy and society, mobility concepts for the future and Volkswagen’s specific approaches towards sustainability. Covering about 1000 square metres, the exhibition space is divided into six themed areas. With a total of 25 media exhibits, various starting points are offered to actively engage with the topic and discover practices that each individual can adopt for sustainable development.

The media integrate seamlessly into the exhibition’s architecture, designed by J. MAYER H. Special formats address the different facets of sustainability: data sculptures visualise and contextualize facts and figures, making them easily-understandable and allowing for straightforward comparisons. Interactive media walls unravel comprehensive themes and enable playful access to data via touching. After getting an overview, visitors can decide how deep they want to delve into the topic. Interactive installations further invite reflection on one’s own lifestyle and habits and call for answers to questions on sustainability, thus creating a personal connection to the issue.