Media stations, 2017

Louvre Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

The Louvre Abu Dhabi is the first universal museum in the Arab world. Designed by Jean Nouvel, it presents 300 high class artworks from its own collection or works on long-term loan from 13 French museum partners.

The permanent exhibition includes a series of interactive media stations supporting the Scientific and Cultural Program of exploring the interrelation of cultural assets of different origin and epochs. Three media stations are situated in close proximity to the exhibits. Amongst them is Sacred Manuscripts, which gives an introduction to copies of the four scriptures, the Torah, Bible, Quran and Sutra and invites to compare between them. The illustrations focus on artistic and historic-cultural aspects of the manuscripts, not on their religious content.

One of the two media walls presents a vast numismatic collection. Visitors can explore the coins‘ global trading routes and facts about their place and method of manufacture, motifs and materials. The real coins are displayed in showcases on the back of the wall.

Three thematic media tables offer playful access to in-depth information on mainly sculptural exhibits of the museum. Visitors can navigate for instance through a 3D environment of the original site of the equestrian statue of King Philip V. of Spain. The Louvre Abu Dhabi holds a small bronze copy of the monument.