O2 Sculpture, 2004

O2 Flagship-Store, Munich, Germany

In 2004 the O2 cell phone company presented its first German flagship store in the city of Munich. The central feature of the shop is an 18 metres long interactive multimedia strip.

This interactive surface provides customers with a whole new shopping experience. Innovative media design whisks visitors off to the world of O2 cell phones. The spatially conceived installation was designed by ART+COM.

Along the entire length of the sensory strip customers are able to call up detailed information on products, services and offers. The installation winds its way through the room on various levels, starting as an interactive floor projection and flowing into a tabletop before becoming a wall projection. Customers can interact simultaneously with the content displayed on the surface, activating O2 bubbles, obtaining information on prices and mobile phones and playing film sequences.

The installation uses 12 high-performance projectors and touch-sensitive technology developed by ART+COM for sensory surfaces. The system utilizes the in-house Y60 Visual Simulation Engine. The interplay of these systems allows as many as 20 users to interact on the installation at any one time.

The project was realised in cooperation with Dan Pearlman, the Berlin agency for brand architecture. Dan Pearlman is responsible for the design of the shop.