Resonance — Reflective Kinematronic III, 2010

Kunsten Museum, Aalborg, Denmark

Resonance — Reflective Kinematronic III is an expansive kinetic installation made of light, movement and a mirrored body. The body consists of 17 wave-shaped metal blades that combine to form a single, continuously undulating wave.

Wires attached to the ends of the metal ribbons link them to three helical tubes suspended under the ceiling with a pulley system. The helixes are each powered by a separate motor and turn on their axis. As the three revolve at different speeds, an ever-changing multiplexed pattern of movement is produced. The movement is literally coded in hardware. An array of LEDs is focused on and reflected by the polished metal blades, creating an abstract, moving light architecture that merges with, expands, and adds a new dynamic to the actual physical space.

Visitors enter the dynamic between the physicality of the sculpture and the immateriality of the reflected light architecture. People’s reflections on the sculptural body connect them with the installation.