Statistics Strip, 2009

Deutsches Hygiene-Museum Dresden, Germany

On behalf of  Deutsches Hygiene-Museum Dresden, ART+COM developed the statistics strip for the exhibition “Work. Meaning and Worry”. The strip visualised large volumes of data. Like a recurring theme, the black aluminium strip extended as the unifying element across all rooms of the exhibition that dealt with the role and meaning of work for people and the society.

Beyond classical data representation, the objective strip folds along the wall and widens occasionally into graphs and charts of various types: 3-D lines, surfaces, columns, beams and dots show extensive, transparent and easy to understand background information and amazing details. The greater the numbers, the bigger the display on the wall; some charts spread over three metres in height.

Besides, seven interactive media stations with projections are integrated into the strip, where visitors can change different parameters by turning knobs and thus retrieve various data. 50 small monitors contrast the figures on the wall with individual perspectives: on touch screens, interviews with over 100 people are embedded into the statistics strip.