Mobility of The Future, 2022

German Aerospace Center

Electric cars have become reality in many cities, and we are seeing a rapid, large-scale shift towards electric mobility. This has given rise to a range of challenges, like finding ideal ways to store energy, creating an extensive charging infrastructure that is adapted to needs and securing access to renewable energy sources.

The Institute of Vehicle Concepts, which belongs to the German Aerospace Center, researches carbon-neutral and green electric mobility. It also produces concepts for forward-looking technologies in this sector. Looking to enhance its trade fair presentations, the Institute of Vehicle Concepts asked ART+COM to develop an interactive fair exhibit that would vividly highlight specific issues related to “energy management”.

ART+COM came up with a piece featuring a small model car in the key role: equipped with a camera, it drives through a physical model of a city. You decide where you want it to go – to work, home or to a concert. Pick a destination and short animations will tell you about the institute’s research work and solutions. Each film clip explains in simple terms the often complex systems used to manage energy for electric mobility.

The camera in the model car plays a special part in creating the feeling of distance at the trade fair: AR effects are superimposed over the live camera image from the model car. You not only see the virtual urban environment as it drives along, but also the trade fair stand with the audience gathered around it. This large-format AR effect quickly draws in the visitors at the stand making them automatically become part of the scene.



Model Making: Modellbau Milde
Steel Construction: rotes pferd
Mechanics: Frank Fietzek