History of the Site, 2020

Humboldt Forum, Berlin

The site where the Humboldt Forum stands today is one of Berlin’s most discussed locations due to its eventful past, recent controversial development and very promising future. The “History of the Site” exhibition in the palace cellar looks back on its past. ART+COM has created a media system and developed a visual language to augment the exhibited ruins and excavation finds.

While people have gathered at this place for over eight centuries, it has gone through many changes in terms of political symbolism. The exhibition follows the development from a marshy meadow up to the Palast der Republik in the GDR era. It also looks at the times when a monastery stood there and at the Berlin Palace period.

The media installations developed by ART+COM for the excavation finds as well as the large media table depict the constant change using a visual language that resembles the gathering and clearing of dust particles. The physical appearance of the excavation site is thus reproduced in digital form without many words being used.

The touch interfaces for the exhibits show visitors anecdotal scenes from the site’s past in a similar style. The navigation technique allows you to move between the different floors in the historic buildings and between places.

Forming the highlight of the exhibition, the media table allows visitors to get involved in the unearthing of history: you use swiping motions to move the particle clouds and reveal objects that point to moments in the history of the site. The entertaining tactile operation brings the history of this place within grasp for a wide range of visitors.


Sound design: kling klang klong GmbH