Product Info Centre, 2007

BMW Welt, Munich, Germany

At BMW Welt, the BMW Group presents the BMW brand and latest cars. A unique highlight of BMW Welt is a partly new-media-based, staged delivery of new cars to customers. Before buyers receive their car, they enjoy a personal briefing at the Product Info Centre. A customer service representative presents their new car on one of the many media stations, demonstrating the car’s features with an exact, virtual model navigable by touch-screen.

Using customer-specific data that comes directly from the BMW production unit and software built at ART+COM, the system produces real-time renderings of individually configured cars.

Other interactive stations offer driving assistance systems including ABS and Dynamic Stability Control (DSC), as well as special features such as Adaptive Headlights and Night Vision. During a simulated test drive, buyers can experience how their cars react on the road both with and without these features.