World Heritage Site Grimeton, 2018–2022

Grimeton, Sweden

How do you create a concept for a World Heritage Site that has influenced technological history on a global scale, but has also defined the identity of a local community and is a major leisure attraction?
As part of a long-term collaboration with the Stiftelsen Världsarvet Grimeton foundation, ART+COM is developing sustainable solutions for the Grimeton World Heritage Site. They cater for the needs of different target groups and make this historical place appealing on many levels.

The Grimeton Radio Station in southern Sweden has a special standing in the history of wireless technology and telecommunications. It was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2004. The main attraction at the site is the unique long-wave transmitter dating back to 1924 that used to transmit Morse signals as far afield as New York. Long-wave radio was cutting-edge technology at the time as it enabled communication across the globe at the speed of light. Today, the transmitter is the only one of its kind to survive in operational condition. It is still used to transmit Morse signals on special occasions – something that is celebrated among its many fans across four continents.

Grimeton is at the heart of a close-knit community in rural Sweden and, for some families, has ties going back generations. We want this historical site to be attractive for a variety of events, interests and visitors: from people interested in technology from the region and former staff with young children to tourists taking day trips from the nearby Kattegat beach resorts.

ART+COM has already helped transform the site as part of the master plan and given parts of the facility a new lease of life:

The garage, where the station’s Chevrolet “Trotta” was kept from 1924, has been converted to house the Grimeton Exhibition that leads you through the history of telecommunications and shows the role played by Grimeton.

The underground bunker at the site is now the setting for the „Grimeton Experience“, hosting the immersive multiplayer game “Operation Palmqvist”. In a fun way, visitors can experience at first hand Sweden’s critical geopolitical situation in 1943 and see the crucial role played by long-wave transmitters.

The previously unused grassed area at the facility now features a playground with radio-themed attractions. It has already proven to be a big hit among local children.

In 2021, the hall containing the original transmitter, was revamped to become an all-year attraction. The newly opened technology exhibition lets you take a close look at the facility equipment.



Architecture: About Space
Graphic design: Jens Rudolph
Grimeton exhibition construction: siebold hamburg messebau gmbh
Communication Today software development: neoanalog
Grimeton Experience: The Room
Technology Exhibition construction: kpm3
Films for Technology Exhibition: CHE Film AB
Technology exhibition model building: Werkstatt 4