In News berichten wir über aktuelle Projekte und Aktivi­täten. Wir geben Einblick in unsere gestalterische Haltung und Praxis, technologischen Entwicklungen und Software­lösungen. Hier featuren wir auch Events und Projekte, die wir für interessant und wichtig halten. Die Texte in News sind ausschließlich in englischer Sprache geschrieben.


Netflix launcht Mini-Serie über die ART+COM-Erfindung TerraVision

October 5, 2021, ART+COM Studios

Am 7. Oktober 2021 startet bei Netflix die vierteilige Mini-Serie „The Billion Dollar Code“ von Drehbuchautor Oliver Ziegenbalg und Regisseur Robert Thalheim. Die im Vorspann genannten „wahren Begebenheiten“, auf denen die Story beruht, sind tatsächlich ein zentrales Element der Historie von ART+COM: Es geht um die Entwicklung von TerraVision Mitte der 1990er Jahre und die[···]

In Erinnerung an Joachim Sauter

July 26, 2021, ART+COM Studios

ART+COM Mitgründer, Vorstand und Kreativdirektor Joachim Sauter ist mit 62 Jahren gestorben  Kaum ein Gestalter der vergangenen Jahrzehnte hat Mediengestaltung und Medienkunst so geprägt wie Joachim Sauter. Er gilt als Vorreiter seiner Fakultät und Pionier der Neuen Medien.  Nicht getrieben von der Technologie, und erst recht nicht von Trends und Strömungen, sondern von der Neugier[···]


July 11, 2021, ART+COM Studios

Wir haben gestern unseren Mitgründer, Mentor und langjährigen lieben Freund verloren. Joachim hat uns 33 Jahre inspiriert, ART+COM ein Gesicht gegeben und unsere Erfolgsgeschichte von Anfang an entscheidend gestaltet. Bereits seit den 1980er Jahren befasste er sich mit digitalen Technologien als Werkzeug und Medium und leistete in zahlreichen Projekten und künstlerischen Werken Pionierarbeit im Bereich[···]

Nähe trotz Distanz: Neue Formen der Begegnungskommunikation im musealen Raum (NuForm)

February 26, 2021, Helge Dieck

Im Januar 2021 startete das BMBF-geförderte, gemeinsame Forschungsprojekt NuForm von ART+COM und dem Berliner Museum für Naturkunde. Zwei Jahre lang werden neue Formen und Formate der Begegnungskommunikation im musealen Raum entwickelt und erprobt, die das museale Ausstellungserlebnis nachhaltig verändern sollen. NÄHE Vor Corona waren volle Räume mit Warteschlangen vor einem Museum ein Zeichen für einen[···]

The Future in an Exhibition

September 5, 2019, ART+COM Studios

Berlin’s Futurium opens tonight, and with it a unique and expansive permanent exhibition that explores our potential futures from different areas of life––from self-sufficient cities, to the future of work and ideas for more sustainable consumption. Visitors can experience visions of the future on over 3,000 m2 in three large “thinking spaces”––humans, nature and technology.[···]

Getting to Know Qatar Foundation

August 6, 2019, ART+COM Studios

Visitors to Qatar Foundation’s (QF’s) Visitor Center can now explore Doha’s Education City through an AR-based application. The Visitor Center is located on the eighth floor of building 2015 (QF Headquarters). The space offers a panoramic view of over 12 square kilometres of the campus, which houses multiple educational and research institutes. Visitors are able[···]

Media layer running through the Goldkammer

May 27, 2019, ART+COM Studios

Last Saturday, the Goldkammer Frankfurt was opened to the public. In the underground rooms of the museum building, more than 500 exhibits span a cultural-historical period of about 6,000 years: from the formation of gold in space and its significance as a status symbol in various cultures to its use as a means of exchange and[···]

QURATOR Research Project Launched

April 2, 2019, ART+COM Studios

Since the end of last year, we have been working on QURATOR, a research project focused on supporting knowledge workers and editors curating digital content. The goal is to facilitate more productive use of the growing masses of digitized, networked information and to use automation to help curate it more efficiently and cost-effectively. Funded by[···]

Water and its role in the Icelandic eco- and climate system

December 13, 2018, ART+COM Studios

On De­cem­ber 1, a new ex­hi­bi­tion by the Ice­landic Mu­seum of Natural His­tory was opened by Ice­landic pres­i­dent Guðni Th. Jóhan­nes­son and prime min­is­ter Katrín Jakobsdóttir. “Water in Ice­landic Na­ture” aims to awaken in­ter­est and ad­mi­ra­tion for the na­ture of water and in­form­ visitors of its won­ders and im­por­tance for the fu­ture pros­per­ity of so­ci­ety.[···]

SENSING—The knowledge of sensitive media

October 19, 2018, ART+COM Studios

Sensors give machines and other things the ability to detect and measure, and so to “feel” and to “sense.” Everyday objects with embedded sensors such as smartphones, cars, clothing, household technologies, toys, etc., seem to be charged with an “artificial sensitivity.” Interactions between humans and their smart machines, environments and things are supplemented, supported and[···]

BewARe: Developing an innovative AR-based physical training programme for the elderly

October 12, 2018, ART+COM Studios

BewARe is a research project focussed on enhancing physical training for senior hypertonia patients with the help of Augmented Reality. In collaboration with project partners, ART+COM Studios is developing a prototype application that uses sensor and Augmented Reality technology to create a movement and mobility training programme with gamification aspects for seniors suffering from high[···]

Petalclouds pushing limits

August 29, 2018, ART+COM Studios

Changi Airport‘s Terminal 4 (T4), that has been operating since end of October 2017, was declared officially open on August 4th, 2018. Together with the Changi team, ART+COM studios’ Head of Design, Joachim Sauter, and Vice Creative Director, Jussi Ängeslevä, celebrated the official launch of our artwork Petalclouds. They were the leading designers of the[···]

ART+COM turns 30: Let’s look at…Virtual Reality

July 3, 2018, ART+COM Studios

30 years lie between the founding of ART+COM in September 1988 and now. The beginning stages were extremely exciting—during the time, when the language of the new digital media was first explored and formulated. Our 30th anniversary is a great occasion to delve into our archive and conduct some media archeology. We want to relate[···]

Reflection, Movement, Water: Dancing Particles

March 14, 2018, ART+COM Studios

Officially launched in November 2017, the hotel Silks Club houses the kinetic installation Dancing Particles in the ground floor lobby. The artwork was designed by ART+COM Studios. Recently, Silks Club won the Best Cutting-edge Design Award and was the only winner from Taiwan in 2018. The 9th Best D.E.S.I.G.N. Hotels Award ceremony, a prestigious award[···]

New works at three international airports

March 7, 2018, ART+COM Studios

In 2015, ART+COM Studios won a competition to create a second large-scale project at Singapore’s Changi Airport. The result is Petalclouds, a 200-meter long kinetic installation, which has been running since last week. The motion of six light sculptures is generatively choreographed with an Ólafur Arnalds composition that can be heard throughout Terminal 4. Air[···]

Contributions to major museums in the Middle East

, ART+COM Studios

The Louvre Abu Dhabi, designed by Jean Nouvel, opened in November to a huge media response. Visitors can engage with several exhibits designed by us—interactive media stations illustrating historical artifacts from various epochs and cultures. ART+COM Studios is also part of the team currently working on the National Museum of Qatar, another Nouvel-designed building. Two-hundred[···]

Bringing the Herodian Temple back to life

December 8, 2017, ART+COM Studios

On December 10, 2017, the Jewish Museum Berlin will open its new temporary exhibition “Welcome to Jerusalem.” Our media installation Augmented Temple is one of the highlights in the exhibition. It gives a vivid impression of the Herodian Temple between 20 B.C. and 70 A.D., its structure and function. In the exhibition which juxtaposes Jerusalem’s[···]

Chronos XXI on show at Martin-Gropius-Bau

December 6, 2017, ART+COM Studios

This spring, Joachim Sauter, our artistic director was a fellow of Deutsche Akademie Rom Villa Massimo. During his stay, he worked on a kinetic installation that is now and for the first time presented at Martin-Gropius-Bau in Berlin. Chronos XXI is a pictorial meditation about the constant rhythm of existence and uses AI for image generation.[···]


May 9, 2017, ART+COM Studios

Im Forschungsprojekt EPPSA kooperiert ART+COM seit Oktober 2016 mit den spannenden Projektpartnern The Good Evil GmbH und Cologne Game Lab (TH Köln). EPPSA steht für die “Entwicklung einer Plattform für positionsbezogene Spiele und spielähnlicher Applikationen als Innovationshub für erfahrungsbasierte Wissensvermittlung”. In dem bis September 2019 laufenden Vorhaben, das mit Mitteln des Europäischen Fonds für regionale[···]

Relaunch of the Product Info Center at BMW Welt

July 22, 2016, ART+COM Studios

At the end of March, the Product Info Center (PIC) at BMW Welt was reopened with a completely new design by ART+COM Studios. The PIC invites customers, who collect a new automobile at BMW Welt, to a personal introduction to their new car by BMW specialists. The new dynamic architecture with its meandering wall structure,[···]

ART+COM Studios wins Competition in Skagen, Denmark

May 3, 2016, ART+COM Studios

With our new project, we fly at higher game: out of 12 international companies, the Danish Nature Agency chose us to design an exhibition about migratory birds in Skagen, Denmark. The Bird Observatory will be an international communication and research centre for both common visitors and professional bird experts, housed in Skagen’s historic Grey Lighthouse.[···]

Micropia wins prize for most innovative and groundbreaking museum of Europe

April 14, 2016, ART+COM Studios

Last Saturday, Micropia was awarded for most innovative museum by European Museum of the Year Award (EMYA). The ceremony took place in San Sebastián, Spain. From among 49 nominees, Micropia was selected for the highest recognition, the Kenneth Hudson Award — a prize which is given in recognition of the most unusual and daring achievement[···]

ART+COM Explore researches the future of media spaces

February 9, 2016, ART+COM Studios

Our studio is heading in new directions with the ART+COM Explore lab: located outside our main studio, the lab will spend four months researching the future of media spaces and will share its process and results with experts and the public. With Raphaël de Courville, who runs ART+COM Explore, product designer Javier Díaz aka Edokoa,[···]

ART+COM Studios designs exhibition at Haus der Zukunft in Berlin

January 29, 2016, ART+COM Studios

Our next major project is just around the corner: a joint endeavour with facts and fiction agency and the Haus der Zukunft team to design a permanent ‘liquid’ exhibition, and set up a space for real-time experimentation in the ‘Reallabor.’ The future is not set in stone. It can be influenced, shaped and created. Haus[···]

ACT Center in Korea opens with RGB|CMYK Kinetic

November 24, 2015, ART+COM Studios

The Arts and Creative Technology Center (ACT) in Gwangju, South Korea starts its program on November 25 with the first edition of ACT Festival – Tektonics, a four-day event that combines a symposium, a performance, a workshop program and an extensive exhibition. The show presents the installation RGB|CMYK Kinetic which will be on display for six month[···]

Visions for a Smart Home

October 21, 2015, Dr. Joachim Quantz

We have reached the point where, if you have the means, you can have a high-tech smart home built right now. It would, however, still be a one-off project, with solutions developed for a single person and property. You can’t yet drop into a DIY store and buy all the bits and pieces you would[···]

The new experience-rich exhibition at Royal Jelling

June 4, 2015, ART+COM Studios

Following two-and-half years of renovations, Royal Jelling re-opens to visitors on the sixth of June. A new exhibition space of 1000 square metres now spans the existing structure and new extension. UNESCO World Heritage listed Jelling, with its rune stones and burial mounds, is one of the most important cultural-historical sites in Denmark. The Royal[···]

RGB/CMY Kinetic being created for SonarPLANTA

April 29, 2015, ART+COM Studios

Sónar and the Sorigué Foundation will premiere the monumental audiovisual installation RGB|CMY Kinetic created by us for SonarPLANTA. RGB|CMY Kinetic is both a sculpture suspended in the air and a choreography of light, with its roots in two important traditions of the twentieth century: kinetic art and light art. The piece consists of five reflective[···]

Beyond The Kiosk: Prototyping Mobile Experience For Responsive Spaces

April 14, 2015, ART+COM Studios

What if you could enter a museum and immediately interact with the exhibits from your own smartphone? What if you could do it without installing or configuring an app? For some time now, ART+COM research has been exploring the seamless integration of spatial media and mobile devices. Our team is researching ways to let passers-by[···]

À la recherche – a kinetic installation at the new Les Bains, Paris

March 17, 2015, ART+COM Studios

Les Bains, a legendary nightclub and international party scene hot spot in the 1980s and 90s is currently enjoying a soft launch after its redevelopment into a hotel, restaurant and club. ART+COM Studios has created a site-specific installation for an extraordinary space in the renovated Les Bains. The sculpture, which brings to mind an exploded[···]

A drone for good: the Archeodrone

February 13, 2015, ART+COM Studios

We participated in the first UAE Drones for Good Award with the Archeodrone concept. ART+COM Studios developed the idea for the drone’s cultural use together with the Danish media company Redia. Although we were not among the lucky winners in the end, we believe that the Archeodrone is a great tool for immediate visitor experience[···]

Creating the digital dioramas for the Moesgaard Museum

February 6, 2015, ART+COM Studios

For the production of the digital dioramas at the new Moesgaard Museum, seven physically reconstructed human ancestors were combined with a virtual landscape, enabling the figures to retain their strong physical presence. A look through one of the seven sets of binoculars reveals the humans in their original habitat. Viewers feel as though they are[···]

The Museum App – A new way of experiencing an exhibition with friends

December 10, 2014, ART+COM Studios

People usually visit museums and exhibitions in groups, with family, friends, and in school groups. Unfortunately, social cohesion within groups is lost with the classic audio guides currently in use. The Museum App, which I developed as part of my Master’s thesis, makes an exhibition visit into a shared experience. The web app is part[···]

On the development of the new Zerseher

September 17, 2014, ART+COM Studios

Until mid December, the Akademie der Künste in Berlin shows the exhibition “Schwindel der Wirklichkeit” (Vertigo of Reality) that includes artworks by Marina Abramović, Thomas Demand, Ólafur Eliasson, Valie Export, Harun Farocki, Dan Graham, Bruce Nauman, Nam June Paik, Ulrike Rosenbach, Bill Viola and others. ART+COM Studios was invited to present Zerseher, a seminal work[···]

Prototyping — Thinking ideas in the world

November 13, 2014, Jussi Ängeslevä

My understanding of ‘prototyping’ is ‘thinking in the world’ or ‘integrating with the word by physical means’. Prototyping is the creation of simplified and abstracted models, which can be used to examine individual aspects of a design. The see the overall complexity and effect of a design ‘purely in thought’ is impossible past the very[···]

Closer to man at the new Moesgaard Museum

October 13, 2014, ART+COM Studios

At the new Moesgaard Museum visitors literally come face-to-face with the ancestors of the human race. The museum accommodates archaeological and ethnographic exhibitions, special exhibitions, an auditorium, conference rooms and other visitor facilities. The combination of science with new ways of displaying the artefacts and the use of technology is characteristic for the exhibitions of[···]

Speculative Design: discarded phones as interfaces in the Smart Home

September 1, 2014, ART+COM Studios

The Smart Home field has been receiving attention from computer technologists and designers for some time already; the promise within closer reach of consumers every day. And while a smart home is filled with sensors, screens and chips, their presence should be attenuated — technology fades into the background as attention seeking notifications make way[···]

Micropia opened in Amsterdam

October 1, 2014, ART+COM Studios

Yesterday a unique museum opened that is set to inspire the general public, encouraging their interest in microorganisms and microbiology: Micropia. The visual and the experiential are central, while the focus is firmly on the mostly positive relationship between microbes and humans. The idea for Micropia came from Haig Balian, Director of Amsterdam’s Natura Artis[···]


February 20, 2014, ART+COM Studios

WILMINGTON, Delaware, U.S. – The origination of the widely popular application Google Earth is the focus of a patent infringement lawsuit filed on February 20, 2014 by ART+COM Innovationpool GmbH (“ACI”) against Google, Inc. in Delaware Federal Court. In the lawsuit, ACI, which is a spin off of ART+COM AG, charges that Google Earth products[···]